Terms and Conditions for “The Love Funds” Crowdfunding Platform by Love Lead Outreach


  1. Acceptance of Terms:

   – By using the Love Fund crowdfunding platform (“the Platform”) provided by Love Lead Outreach (“Love Lead”), you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.


  1. Platform Fee:

   – Love Lead Outreach charges a platform fee of 5% of the total amount raised by users on the The Love Funds platform.

   – The platform fee covers all associated costs, including bank charges and administrative fees.


  1. Fund Disbursement:

   – Funds raised, after deduction of the platform fee, will be disbursed to the campaign organizer’s designated bank account in a timely manner.

   – Love Lead Outreach is not responsible for any delays in fund disbursement due to third-party banking processes.


  1. Eligibility:

   – The Love Funds is available for use by individuals and organizations who comply with Love Lead Outreach’s eligibility criteria.

   – Love Lead Outreach reserves the right to reject or remove any campaign that violates these terms or for any other reason deemed necessary.


  1. Financial Accountability:

   – Campaign organizers are responsible for providing accurate and truthful information regarding their fundraising goals, use of funds, and other relevant details.

   – Love Lead Outreach is not liable for any misuse of funds by campaign organizers.


  1. Privacy and Data Security:

   – Love Lead Outreach is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of user data. Personal information will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


  1. Prohibited Content:

   – Campaigns promoting illegal activities, hate speech, violence, discrimination, or any content deemed inappropriate by Love Lead Outreach will be removed.


  1. Refunds:

   – Love Lead Outreach does not provide refunds of the platform fee, even in the event of campaign cancellation or changes in fundraising goals.


  1. Intellectual Property:

   – Users retain the intellectual property rights to their campaign content. Love Lead Outreach may use campaign information for promotional purposes on its website and related marketing materials.


  1. Changes to Terms:

    – Love Lead Outreach reserves the right to modify or update these terms and conditions at any time. Users will be notified of any changes, and continued use of the Platform constitutes acceptance of the updated terms.


  1. Termination:

    – Love Lead Outreach reserves the right to terminate or suspend any user’s access to the Platform for violation of these terms or any other reason deemed necessary.


  1. Contact Information:

    – For any inquiries or concerns regarding Love Fund or these terms and conditions, please contact Love Lead Outreach at [admin@thelovefunds.com ).


By using the The Love Funds crowdfunding platform, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.


[Date of Last Update: Nov. 29th 2023}


[Love Lead Outreach Contact Information]

– Website: https://thelovefunds.com/

– Email: info@thelovefunds.com

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